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Launch large-scale innovation challenges and prizes

What is it for

Technology Scouting

Launch large scale competitions to find the most innovative technologies and companies to acquire or partner with.

Expert & Talent Search

Challenge the world's top experts in your field to solve an internal R&D roadblock or to recruit the best talent.

Start-up Contests

Foster innovation and entrepreneurship launching start-up and business plan competitions to attract and identify the most promising entrepreneurs.

Idea Contests

Launch your idea contest to source disruptive ideas or breathtaking new designs for your products and services.

A simple and intuitive interface to help you, and your team, manage your end to end innovation platform and community.

Save time and resources with our private admin application designed to streamline all the activities of your open innovation program from a central location.

You have total control and ownership of the innovators who join your program.

We have built a set of tools specifically designed to help you manage your community of users throughout the entire program life-cycle. Manage all registered users from a central location. Run usage reports, search and sort by multiple criteria, export users, check if users have not completed their registration process and notify them, use our group messaging functionality to communicate with specific user groups.

Configure the innovation challenge to match your exact requirements.

Having directly managed a number of online contests and innovation programs we know that every initiative is different. Our system allows you to configure the innovation challenge to match your exact requirements with a modular and easy to use set-up wizard.

Configure single-phase or multi-phase contests, decide whether submissions are public or private, set the timeline, voting options and much more. Use our flexible and modular submission form builder to customize the contest submission form.

Easily configure and manage the entire judging process.

We have spent a lot of time to streamline the entire judging process. From our experience this is where most systems fall short in terms of providing an adequate user experience.

Our feature rich system allows you to invite external judges / experts to help you review and rate all the submissions. Allocate judges to specific submissions, enable private judging, blind judging , control the visibility of comments and much more.

Ability for users to easily create and manage their online expert profile.

The main asset of your open innovation program and contest are the entrepreneurs, innovators and experts who join your platform.

An important part of the functionality provided is the ability for users to easily create and manage their online expert profile, highlighting their skills and expertise and, optionally, linking their profile to external social media platforms and to manage all their activity from a central dashboard.

Completely customizable submission process and form.

A simple interface to allow innovators and participants to join the open competitions and submit their entry using a pre-defined submission form. Our system allows users to attach any supporting material to their submission: videos, images, documents or presentations.

Make sure your innovation community is kept in the loop!

Enable expert feedback so that innovators can receive real-time feedback or questions from organizers, expert judges as well as mentors.

Secure and super intuitive judging application makes the judging process a piece of cake.

From our experience, the most critical and challenging part of any contest and open innovation program is coordinating the judging process with senior experts, judges or investors. We have built a secure and super intuitive application that makes the judging process easy, accessible and intuitive for senior professionals with very limited time.

Simple and user friendly interface to browse through multiple submissions.

A simple dashboard to easily see a snapshot of the submissions with an easy and configurable interface to search, filter and sort submissions by your preferred criteria.

Saves judges significant amount of time with an intuitive online submission viewer.

We have built an intuitive online submission viewer where individual submissions can be screened with a simple and user friendly interface. Any multimedia attachment can by viewed online or, optionally, downloaded. All submissions can be exported to excel or pdf with a simply click.

To help judges organize and filter multiple submissions, our system allows to simply tag each submission with key words or to add (private or public) comments.

Rating multiple submissions has never been easier.

A simple and intuitive rating slider that allows expert judges to view rate each submissions according to the pre-defined judging criteria.


SkipsoLabs supports our Open Innovation team at Electrolux by helping us reach out to global innovators and to scout innovative solutions within our core strategic product areas. SkipsoLabs' dedicated software platform delivers a clear and streamlined innovation process..

Chiara Ciardetti
Global R&D Electrolux Group

SkipsoLabs has supported our Cleantech Challenge Mexico website and contest platform for the last 3 years. It has always been a smooth and productive relationship. Their staff has always been very helpful and our platform has helped us manage our competition very efficiently..

Ingrid V. Sánchez
Cleantech Challenge Mexico Program Manager

It has been wonderful working with the whole Skipso team. Their platform allows us to efficiently and effectively manage multiple XPRIZE competitions.

Ben Bain
Associate Prize Operations, XPRIZE



Who Needs it



That have hit an internal R&D road block or that are looking to scout new startups and technologies to acquire or to partner with.



Launch X-Prize style initiatives to fund the discovery and implementation of game-changing technologies.


Government Agencies

That want to fund innovative research and startups in an effort to drive innovation and foster entrepreneurship.



That want to launch, run, and manage any type of business plan competition targeting students, alumni, and entrepreneurs.


How will this benefit you?


Innovate Faster

Tap into thousands of innovators from all over the world to find solutions to your challenges faster than ever before.


Have Peace of Mind

You can relax knowing that our software platform and experienced team will handle all the time-consuming tasks associated with running a competition.


Innovate More Cost Effectively

only pay for solutions that meet your specific requirements driving your innovation ROI with tangible top and bottom line results.


Keep Member Data Safe

You have full control and ownership of your members' data. Everything is completely private and totally secure within our enterprise-class infrastructure.