About SkipsoLabs

SkipsoLabs helps private and public organizations harness the creativity of their employees, customers and external innovators to find solutions to internal challenges quickly and cost-effectively.

Skipsolabs team

Our Team

Carlo Soresina - Co-Founder
Carlo Soresina
Valentina Migliore - Scrum Master
Valentina Migliore
Angela Sciacca - Project Manager, Graphic Designer
Angela Sciacca
Aman Hashim - Director Operations, North America
Aman Hashim
Abu Bokor - Front-end Developer
Abu Bokor
Davide Montorio - Senior Web Developer
Davide Montorio
Shangami Loganathan - Senior Web Developer
Shangami Loganathan
Michael Katrantzis - Software Developer
Michael Katrantzis
Jessica Tonietto - Account Manager
Jessica Tonietto
David Galindo - Software Developer
David Galindo
Luca Santomauro - Front-end Developer
Luca Santomauro
Sena Noll - Account Manager
Sena Noll
Martina Fattorini - Junior Account Manager
Martina Fattorini
Aaron Zufall - Front-end Developer
Aaron Zufall
Pierre Le Maguer - Software QA Engineer
Pierre Le Maguer